From the author of the #1 spiritual bestseller "Meditation Within Eternity"

The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe

Igniting the Sixth Sense deals with the magnetic sense that allows birds, whales, bees and many other animals to detect and use magnetic fields in ways that seem impossible for humans. Yet, we possess this same natural ability. What happens if you combine a modern human with an active, magnetic sensory? They display skills and abilities that seem, at times, superhuman.

Eric Pepin, the #1 spiritual Amazon bestselling author of Meditations Within Eternity and The Handbook of the Navigator, takes you on a journey where you will:

  • Learn how to access a larger memory beyond your own; The Akashic Records
  • Discover the method of magnetic prana attraction that makes the entire Universe react to who you are and what you want
  • Enhance every mind, body and spiritual technique your practice. Including martial arts and more
  • Use a 15 minute miracle technique that gives you nearly unlimited amounts of energy
  • Create a ‘psychic buffer’ so you aren’t overwhelmed, harmed or influenced by energy and thoughts of others
  • Explore the secret to programming your own energy field

And that’s just the beginning. There are more than 280 pages, packed with in-depth knowledge and effective techniques you can easily apply. It’s all here, and it works.

Igniting the Sixth Sense – Sneak Peak

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five stars

The bar for spiritual knowledge just got higher

The book Meditation within Eternity was the foundation. This book is the launching pad. I have never seen such powerful knowledge printed in a book. The “High Guard” chapter on energy defense was extremely informative. I imagine monks practicing the techniques in secret in a monastery. The two techniques were extremely well explained and I felt them working on my very first attempt..

Steve Pfaff

Amazon review

five stars

A Very Wise and Giving Soul, Very Giving

Many people give only partial material and then lure you to buy more material to get the rest of the information. Pepin does not do that, his work is complete, and this book is not exception, coming in at almost 300 pages.

Tobin B. Crenshaw

Amazon review

Amazon best-sellers - By Eric Pepin

From the author of the #1 spiritual bestsellers Meditation Within Eternity and Handbook of the Navigator.

Igniting the Sixth Sense – The forefront of spiritual development

There is a future being created, where science and spirituality merge to a singular point, becoming a third. A new, unseen vision heralding a brave wondrous future of human thought.

Eric Pepin is at the forefront of this future, some would say forging a renaissance of mystical exploration. His mission: recreate the process of his own awakening, brought about by the hybrid of paranormal experiences and an inner navigation into the frontier of the soul.

Each person should possess the power to experience the profound reality beyond what we can touch. Not by chance, but systematically as they choose and master their own abilities. Let Igniting the Sixth Sense show you the way.

Eric Pepin's Amazon Best-Selling Spiritual Book Series

Igniting the Sixth Sense is the third spiritual book in the series by Eric Pepin.